Feeling cold, cold extremities and Raynaud’s syndrome

We are entering the cold winter months, and the time when a lot of people struggle to stay warm, especially in our damp climate.  You may not know, but acupuncturists like me often use something called moxa during treatments.  It is a herb that we burn over or on the skin (but not down to the skin) and one of the main uses is to infuse warmth into the body.  I generally know from the initial consultation if it is something that I am going to use on that person, when they answer ‘yes’ to questions like:snow on dried flowers

  • do you often feel cold?
  • does it often seem that you are wearing more clothes than the people around you?
  • do you go round shutting windows and seeking out radiators?
  • do you often take a hot water bottle to bed?

As part of an acupuncture treatment, moxa can really help people to feel warmer and more able to withstand the cold.

In my experience, a combination of acupuncture and moxa can also help those who suffer from cold hands and feet, as well as those with Raynaud’s syndrome.  The painful effects of the cold and changes of temperature on the body can really be reduced in intensity and frequency.

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